Upright and too comfortable to resist, meet the Nature Bed. As an extension of the Nature Sofa, this bed is designed to provide ultimate sleep to satisfy your demand from deep within.
• Features black metallic painted steel outer frame upholstered with default Eco Leather FC-08
• Available in Fabrics or premium Leather upholstery
• Covers are removable on Velcro and can be purchased separately
• Side and end rails in plywood covered with polyurethane foam and fabric lining
• Multiply birch wood slat system with slight firmness adjustment
• Headboard cushions consist of channelled feather down and polyester fibre padding with high-resilient polyurethane foam centre insert
• Anodised black aluminium legs with plastic glides, height slightly adjustable for uneven floors
• Recommended mattress thickness less than 25cm (Price doesn’t include mattress)
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